Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh! Christmas Tree!

It's a little early for me to be talking about Christmas trees but today I received an email from Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. inviting me to post a link to their Christmas Tree give-away. Now a give-away is cool and, who knows, you all might want a nice artificial tree. Plus... I really need something to write about so.. what the heck. Christmas Trees it is!

When I was a little girl my family seemed to have a love/hate relationship with artificial trees. My mother hated them while every other adult seemed to love them. I can remember returning home from visiting relatives or friends and listening to her wonder why in the world anyone want to have a tree like that in their home.

Some of the trees I remember truly were strange but, then again, it was the 70's. There were several variations on the aluminum tree, some with self spinning stands and multicolored lights.

This blue one actually matched my grandmother's hair rinse...

and this pink one matched her sister's hair!

Ok.. I have to admit that my grandmother and her sister did not have blue and pink trees. They did have blue and pink hair however and that was almost as fascinating as the trees.

My other grandparents preferred a more natural style.. complete with fake falling snow indoors. We were fascinated by the tube that snaked up the green plastic trunk and blew snow into the air but after the first few nights my Grandfather refused to turn it on anymore. He didn't believe that picking styrofoam pellets off the floor was an appropriate festive activity.

Fortunately the design of artificial Christmas trees has evolved in the last 40 years so if you do win one from Balsam Hill I'm sure it will be beautiful and natural looking. So do enter the contest if you like.. just click on the link on my sidebar... and if you win I could get a bonus of $500 which I just might use to buy this.

Plywood Tree by Buro North

Because I never really liked shiny tinsel trees but somewhere along the way I fell in love with weird Christmas style.

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