Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Menu

This is week two of semi-single parenthood for me. January always seems to be a busy travel month for Bob and I'm not going to complain about it because I know how lucky he is to have a job to travel for. However, it is a little bit difficult for me to get excited about cooking when he is gone. The kids just don't appreciate my culinary expertise as much as he does. So, faced with a run of days that are going to be gray and husbandless I am seriously tempted to repeat Soup Week.. but the kids have threatened to run away if I do. So.. here is what we will be eating.

Monday - Fried Chicken, Mushroom Fritatta, Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole, Salad

Tuesday - Veggie Lasagna, Italian Sausage (Turkey or Vegetarian)

Wednesday - Beef Stew, Lentil Stew, Dinner Rolls

Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner

Friday - Daddy is home and he wants Meatloaf!

Saturday - Chili and cornbread

Sunday - TBD.. maybe leftovers

More menus can be found at Check it out!

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Leeann said...

HI girlie!

Every time I see your background, it makes me smile. it is very cheery. I need cheery today. :-)

So, this week I am making baked potato soup and beef vege soup. I am stealing half your menu ideas between this week and last. So tell me what mashed potato casserole is? I need to know. Really soon. lol