Sunday, January 18, 2009

Design Dissatisfaction

Have you ever looked at your blog and felt like it just doesn't represent you well? That's how I'm feeling right now. I've played with different designs for two days now and I just don't like any of them. I'm not sure what I'll try next. However, in the depths of my ennui a ray of light brightened my day.

Bellezza, the most charming hostess of Dolce Bellezza, has honored me with the Premio Dardos award.

The Dardos Award is in appreciation of the merits - culturally, literary and individually- of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog. The conditions are to:

Be tickled pink,
Copy and paste the award picture to your blog,
Write down the regulations,
Link the blog who bestowed you the award,
and finally Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

And I am tickled pink.. I even tried on some pink blog designs but they didn't fit. Thank you so much Bellezza!

I am passing the award on to a wonderful group of writers. Some are friends but I seem to pass awards on to the same friends over and over and, while I love everyone's blogs, I am trying to highlight some new blogs today. Others are complete strangers who will wonder why in the world this person who they have never heard from is giving them awards. Their blogs are all wonderful in their own very unique ways. They are blogs I read for ideas and inspiration. Check them out, you might find something new to love.

I hope this Premio Dardos brightens your winter day as much as it did mine.

Lilly Rose @ Lilly Rose Chen
Debbie @ Etc.,Etc.,Etc.
Laura @ CenterDownHome
Kate @ Kate5kiwis
Tiffany @ But I Had A Tiara
Vallen @ Queenly Things
Elaine @ Quixotical
Ms Moon @ Bless Our Hearts
Pen @ Dogtales and Dreams
Michele @ Frugal Granola
Lisa @ The House of Payne
Kyddryn @ Shade and Sweetwater
Rowena @ Rubber Slippers in Italy
Susan @ Farmgirl Fare
Marc @ Mental Masala


Quixotic said...

Thank you Gina! I'm honoured! :) Thanks for delurking too!


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Gina! I am torn. It's a beeyoteeful award, and It was kind and sweet of you to nominate me, the original Lazy Blogger, but ... I can't accept it. I mean, if I accepted yours, I might hurt the feelings of the one or two others I have received awards from and turned down.

I keep promising myself that I'll clean up all the clutter -- photos, mostly -- on my blog. Until then, there's too much junk crowding my blog to put an award. Like putting an Oscar on a junky nicknack shelf ...

I am not worthy. ;I

Ginaagain said...

Oh Laura... you are so worthy and I totally love your clutter! I do understand about not wanting to hurt feelings though. I really struggle with that too... not because I've got awards stacking up but because I am a dunderhead and don't honor the people I really enjoy often enough. So today I did a bunch and I hope that no one is hurt or shocked or horrified to have been forgotten or remembered.


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Hey -- I forgot to say that I know what you mean about the need for a fresh blog design once in a while. I kept trying different things, too. I finally gave up and swept the color out for January. I'll probably try again in February!

You do seasonal blog design really well. What says "Winter" to you? ;)

Leeann said...

Congratulations, sweets!
And I like the header picture and design. I think it looks nice!


Rowena said...

Hi Gina! Delurking and honoring me with an award as well? Well I have to say that it certainly brightens up this dreary day in Lecco's mountains. Now I'm inspired to begin the week with a cosmic post!

Karen MEG said...

Gina, congrats, so well deserved!

And kudos for recognizing other blogs that deserve a read... I always get torn during award season too, it's crazy, so many great blogs, so little time!

And thanks for your encouraging words. It's a day at a time, and so far so good...

Queenly Things said...

What great company you've added me to. Thank you dear lady for such an honor!!!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Thank you! : )

Mrs. G. said...

It looks beautiful around here.

dkuroiwa said...

First of all...I love love LOVE the new design! It's just beautiful!! I look at my blog as a "home away from home" sometimes because I spend so much time there...I tend to rearrange things more often than not...because, you know...I can. wonderful lady you...thank you so much for the beautiful award. I will try to live up to the honor that comes with it!! and yes...color me "tickled pink", I usually am, but today it's a special reason!!

Tiffany said...

Why thank you Gina! I love exchanging thoughts with you. Thank you so much!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

Congrats Gina! You SOOOOO deserve it!

kate5kiwis said...

thank you dahling,
loving the prettiness over here X

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Yay for YOU!

I think your blog is purdy too.