Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shopping with the girls...

It was Friday night and the mood was somber. Zane was on his way out to spend a final evening with his best/girl friend. Dad was gone for the weekend. Taylor had just "dumped" her "boyfriend" (a very good choice, indeed). Delaney was reeling from her recent orthodontic adjustment. Then there was Mom... There's just no delicate way to say this.... on day sixteen of her second period since Halloween, and starting to feel more than a little, umm, drained.

Any sane woman would have curled up with a heating pad and Jack Daniels called the doctor, but I come from a long line of women who refuse to admit anything is wrong until someone forcibly delivers them to the doctor, or body parts start to fall off, whichever comes first. I was not going to let my dear, sore at heart, and tooth, girls spend the night watching Hannah Montana reruns and bickering over who's feet were on whom.

Plus, it's eighteen days until Christmas and the presents are not buying themselves. What we needed was a little retail therapy and some good food too. So off we went to the mall. We didn't actually go into the mall (that would have been crazy) but to the mall outside of the mall... the mall annex...
Don't you love the way malls have morphed into something like a university of commercial indulgence? We have mall central, the institute of higher shopping, all of your basics in one megolithic structure. Then on the outskirts of the campus we have the annexes of specialized shopping (Talbots, Ann Taylor, boutique jewelry) for those more advanced in shopping skills, or conversly, the remedial annex (Target and Big Lots) for the continuation shoppers.
Anyway... back to my story..
Our first stop was for food since Taylor had skipped lunch because the "breakup" had upset her stomach, and Delaney had been unable to eat because her teeth hurt. We needed something special, and easy to chew. The extremely thin crust pizzas at I.talia were a perfect fit, and a table in front of the enormous open fire pizza oven was heavenly. While we waited we played with the "make your own pizza" toy on the table. Pretend pizza baking quickly became an impromptu fractions lesson. It does a mathphobic mother's heart good to see girls enjoying division. After pizza came the gelato... the perfect combination of teeth comforting cold and heart soothing chocolate.. before we knew it all three of us were giggling, and one of us had a chocolate mustache. (no, not me)

After dinner we went to Borders Books and the girls picked out books for their cousins. Two hours of discussion and debate eventually produced perfect books for eleven unique individuals. They were focused and thoughtful and, despite hundreds of tempting books, neither of them asked for anything. Our only disappointment was that the wrapping station had shut down for the evening and we will be forced to wrap our own gifts. Perhaps Saturday will be wrapping day...


Leeann said...


That sounds like an absolutely fabulous evening. Not that I was invited but on moments like that I wish we lived near each other. Kate and I would have loved to have joined you all.
Okay, so a couple of follow up questions:
1- Why is it a final evening with Zane's girlfriend? What is going on with that?
2- Taylor had a boyfriend? Holy cow, woman, I know that is coming with Kate but what does it MEAN? lol

You gotta catch me up here, clearly.


Ginaagain said...

Leeann, I would love to have a girl's night out with you and Kate! I wish we lived closer too.

Malika, Zane's girlfriend, left today for three weeks in Tunisia with her Dad. I put that in my rough draft but somehow it must have been edited out in the end. She won't have a phone so and it's likely she won't have internet access either.

Um.. yeah.. Taylor + boyfriend = unhappy mom, but she quickly pointed out that I had a boyfriend in sixth grade (damn my loose lips). I'm actually very proud of her though. She didn't behave like a silly, boy-crazy girl at any point during their time as a couple. Now she says she probably won't have another boyfriend for a long time.

Family Adventure said...

What a lovely day with your girls.

But...get thyself to a doctor, woman! Not good....


Mrs. G. said...

This sounds like a great day, but you still need to call the doctor, my friend. Have a shot of Jack and make the call. Glad the boyfriend dumping was a good one.