Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today was my last day of work and I have to admit I was rather sad when it was over. I was sad because after giving them eight months of my life I can honestly say that nothing has changed. I trained people to take over my job functions but one of them was fired last week and the other has decided she can't do the job.

Oh well.

It was hard for me to walk out of there this afternoon knowing that tomorrow is not taken care of but I did it anyway.

cool comic courtesy of nataliedee


Laura said...

You're free! What does the future hold? Juump in! Excitement! (I know. Easy for me to say, right?) I hope today is a good First Day of Funemployment.

nicrogers said...

Yah for you Gina! You did your part. Now enjoy your funemployment!

Leeann said...

What's that smell?

Oh, I know!

It's the smell of FREEEEEEEDOM!!!


Leeann---> who is sniffing around for summer!

Mrs. G. said...

Put your feet up and don't worry about them. You did your part!

dkuroiwa said...

(something EVERYONE says at the end of the work day to the people leaving or after meetings or...oh hell...they seem to say it ALL the time!!!) This means "thank you for working so hard!" in Japanese!!!

So...did you make your list?
I suggest alotting a certain amount for frittering every single day!!!...just because you can!!
Get everything you can out of your funemployment!!! (but start with a foot soak and pedicure!!!)

Family Adventure said...

Sorry, Gina, if you got the above...I was copying and pasting from another blog. Gah!

Enjoy your newfound freedom. Hope to see more posts from you in the future. No pressure, though :)


JCK said...

OK, I'm getting to the crux of the matter. Something else very freaky. Did you happen to see my post of May 18th? Same EXACT "unemployment, funemployment.." very odd... Amazing coincidence. Great minds think alike and all that! :)

Ginaagain said...

JCK, I did see your post on the 18th and laughed that we chose the same comic. Although reading your blog has led me to believe we probably have a bit in common. We would probably get along well IRL.