Monday, May 26, 2008

In which I turn green...

As an enlightened 21st century mom it is important to me that I model responsible stewardship of our planetary resources. I recycle everything I can, I use non-toxic cleaning products, I changed all of my light bulbs to freaking annoying energy saving florescent, I turn the water off when I brush my teeth... but I drive a Suburban. Oops.

When we first bought the Suburban it made a lot of sense. I had four kids, three of them in carseats, and two dogs. We frequently took long trips by car. And gas was $.98 a gallon. Yes it was.. I know it sounds unbelievable but it really was. As the kids got older I had room for extra friends, sports equipment, band instruments, and groceries. When we were homeschooling the kids had enrichment classes all over the place and the Suburban was our mobile classroom, lunch room, and napping area. It really was the perfect car for my family.

But lately the Suburban has become a bit of an embarrassment. Like an ancient dog who slobbers on guests and farts uncontrollably... I still love it but I really don't want to take it out in public anymore. I am tired of answering the question "How much does it cost you to fill that thing up?!" I'm also ashamed to frequently be the only person in a vehicle that seats nine.

So, this weekend I was dragged, kicking and screaming decided to look at new cars. I told Bob that we were only going on a fact finding trip. We are not buying anything today! And I meant it. Until we walked into the Toyota dealership. There it was... a rare and difficult to find Camry Hybrid. Having never actually seen one I was overcome with curiosity. I had to drive it.

I was in love by the first stoplight.

When I returned to the dealership there were two couples waiting to drive the car and I really didn't want to share. So I bought it.

I did, however, let them look at it while we did the paperwork. Which made it rather hard to negotiate with the salesman when one couple decided to wait around, just in case we didn't qualify. In actuality there was no negotiation. He told us how much we would pay and we paid it. Ouch. However, the money I have been spending on gas for the Suburban will offset 80% of the payment on the Camry.

So, in less than two weeks I have quit my job, changed my hair, and bought a new car. I told Bob I think I'm having a midlife crisis. He said it's ok as long as I'm not planning on trying out any new guys.

Sorry Mr. Clooney. I love your electric Car but you can't be my secret boyfriend.


JCK said...

Good for you! I'm a Toyota girl myself, although it is a minivan...she says with only a modicum of shame.

Love hybrids! Love the Camry. You can't go wrong with this one !

Your husband is very funny. I like that comment! I have to go back and see about you quitting (why does that spelling not look right?) job! Change is good. Keeps the blood circulating.

Karen MEG said...

A Camry Hybrid - sweet indeed! Toyota makes great cars.

Trying out new guys, your hubby is a hoot! And George would be sorry, as you're one hot mama now with the new stylin' hair and wheels! Smokin' ;)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Ooohh. Envy and longing. I never cared about cars AT ALL. A box on wheels to ferry kids around, the more seat belts, the better.

But I am finally ready for something new. And smaller. and easy to handle. Enjoy your new, fresh life! :)

Family Adventure said...

Ooooooh....I bet you're going to LOVE the hybrid! Too bad about George - all the more for me, I guess :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh. Cute car.

I'm another SUV luva. Yeah, its so gauche. And as soon as someone makes a compact with enough towing capacity to pull my tent trailer, I will down grade.

Ginaagain said...

Ah.. well the thing I neglected to mention, alpha dogma, is that our other car is a full size silverado. We have been stomping all over Washington state with our huge carbon footprint.

Vallen said...

Ohh, but George is so cute. You couldn't even go for a test drive?

dkuroiwa said...

If this is what a "mid-life crisis" is like, then...honey...where do I sign up!!
The Toyota hybrid cars are good...not sure what the Camry is called over here (yes, most cars have different names!!!), a friend has one and has nothing but good to say about it. We have a Corona (the car, AND the beers!!) and though I joke that it's a "grandpa" car, I really do like it!!
And I must admit...I love driving my brother's Suburban when we go just makes you feel empowered....broke, but empowered!!
Happy Driving....are you sure you don't want to just "drive by and look" at George??

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

98 cents a gallon? Are you sure? When?

Ginaagain said...

Yes, Suburbancarrespondent, in 1997 gas was .98 a gallon.

Mary Alice said...

Wow - what exciting changes. I look forward to hearing more about the car.....I know what you mean, SUVs were great at one time. All the cool mom's drove them...Just like eons ago all the cool moms smoked. Now cool moms NEVER smoke, eeeeyuck and cool moms drive ecologically minded cars. The times do change!

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

You still green, Gina? (A little peach foundation can take care of that, you know.)