Monday, May 19, 2008

Losing 70lbs...

As I mentioned the other day, my sister is getting married in June and I need to lose some weight before the wedding. I am not in the wedding but I will see family members that I haven't seen in quite a while. Plus the wedding is on the beach in San Diego and I don't want to look like a beached whale.

So, I decided to lose 70lbs but after spending some time researching my options I have found that, short of lopping off body parts, there are only a few ways that I could possibly lose 70 lbs in five weeks.

A bushel of corn weighs an average of 70 lbs.

If I left this bushel out in a field of goats it would be gone in no time at all.

A 70 lb heavy bag could get lost if I left it laying around outside... ok, maybe not but I bet somebody would come haul it away for me if I put an ad on Craigslist.

Gracie and George are about 70 lbs combined and both have a tendency to take off running if they get out the front door. It would be quick and easy to lose them. But it would make me sad.

Maybe I could get a bigger dog

and lose him?

UPS could lose 70 lbs for me if I packed it incorrectly and neglected to put their overweight label on the box...

American Airlines might lose it for me but not if I wanted it to leave the country. 70 lbs is too large for international travel.

Faced with the facts I have decided to refine my goals. I will lose a nice reasonable twelve pounds. I will go to the wedding and be the o l d e r sister. I will look old enough to be the mother of the bride because I am. I will celebrate my beautiful, talented, accomplished sister and I won't care that she got all the pretty genes.

Then I'm going to Disneyland.

and I'm going to eat whatever I want


Leeann said...

The part about Disneyland?
And eating whatever you want?

That's one of the reasons I like you!


Leeann---> who is going to the Outer Banks with her two VERY THIN sisters-in-law in August and cannot seem to do anything to get motivated.

dkuroiwa said...

Okay I see the makings of a "blogging diet motivation/support group" here?!?!? I am making plans to come to the States and I'm also at a standstill here with my own 20+ pounds just sitting here (eating cookies, ice cream, and the like!!)

Disneyland....oohhh I wanna go!! My hub and I love the Indiana JOnes ride...rode it about 5 times one day. If they still have the special tickets where you can get into the "short line", I would recommend those!!! They save a ton of time!!

Taylor said...

Eat WHATEVER you want, because I know that I've been laying on the couch eating that giant bag of chips all this week. I know, I lost those five pounds, but so what. i like eating whatever I want. You enjoy life. =D (But go on and lose the twelve pounds. It's not as hard as 70! And I of course, would not know what it feels like to lose that much, because if I lost 70 pounds, I'd be a pile of bones. =D)

Ginaagain said...

Leeann, thank you. :-)

Debbie, a support group is a great idea as long as we don't support each other to eat more cookies! What kind of ice cream do you eat? Is that a weird question? I used to be able to get a Japanese ice cream treat called Mochi at Costco. They don't carry it anymore and sometimes I find myself craving it!

Taylor, You are a very funny girl. I'm glad you don't have aspirations to be a pile of bones.

dkuroiwa said...

"mochi" icecream?!?! Too funny because 'mochi' is actually a glutenous rice that is pounded and made into rice balls...very chewy...hard to imagine as "ice cream"!!! :-D Will ask hubby if he's heard of it!!!

The regular ice cream here is pretty good, but...when I have the extra money, I tend to buy Haagen Daz (sp?)...or I'll go to Basken Robbins!!! My absolute favorite is from New Zealand called "Hokey Pokey"!!! ( too...I just thought it was a dance!!!) It's a caramelly kind with little...hmmm...maybe pieces of toffee in it....heavennnnnnnnn!!!
And seriously....that daughter of hold her down...I'll get her!! Little Miss "I can lay on the couch and eat what I want and still lose weight"!!! Funny girl!! haHAhaHAhaHA....grrrrrr...

Ginaagain said...

Ok, that's why I said "mochi" was an ice cream treat because it wasn't completely ice cream. It was mango flavored ice cream wrapped in what must have been gelatinous rice. It was wonderful.. and low calorie too. You have Baskin Robbins there? We don't even have that here! And I really need to figure out where to try some Hokey Pokey....
hmm.. this weight loss support idea is really yummy.