Thursday, July 3, 2008

One beautiful day... San Diego.

Two fantastic people became husband and wife.

And they invited some crazy people to participate in the ceremony!

It was a very special day.


cupcake said...

What a lovely wedding party! I bet it was, indeed, a very special day.

But when do we get the embarrassing jetski stories?

dkuroiwa said...

Looks like THE perfect day for a wedding (tee hee...i just flashed on Billy Idol and I got that song in my head now!!!..."nice day for a white wedding...")

Your kids were ALL beautiful...okay, so 2 were, the other was handsome!! Taylor's hair color is so pretty in the sunshine like that!!! for beach pictures...and yeah, an "embarrassing jetski story"...or a banana boat...either would be good!!

Leeann said...

You're back!!

I luv the pictures! The kids all look gorgeous.

So how was it?

Waiting on an email post...!


Ginaagain said...

I'm not back yet! I'm in Oklahoma sitting in the sun and drinking heavily. LOL I have to post some jetski pictures later. We are having a great time on the lake plus we took the kids to see Phantom of the Opera yesterday. We have two more days here and then we go to Disneyland for three days. I'll be home at the end of next week.

JCK said...

Oh, what lovely pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful time, most especially you!

Karen MEG said...

Beautiful photos, Gina!!! Can't wait to see more of your trip!

dkuroiwa said...

Waiting...waiting...tap tap tap...Enjoy the rest of your vacation!! And really...what else is there to do in Oklahoma besides drink heavily?!?! :-D
When you get home, come over to my blog...I have something for YOU!!!