Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad Bag Tuesday

It's time to introduce something new and silly to this overly serious blog. It started two weeks ago with the Penguin Tote and it was as if my eyes were opened. I tried to fight it but I just keep finding bags that need to be featured somewhere. So I will feature them here... On Bad Bag Tuesday..

This week we have another celebrity designer Eco Friendly Bag.

Designed by Stella McCartney this lovely bag is made of recycled polyester and is available at Nordstrom for just $85 dollars. It's unique shape will make you feel as if you are wandering through an endangered forest somewhere with your best deer friends... Just remember to watch out for Governor Palin!

Of course, if you want to spend $85 dollars in a way that will actually help a deer, may I suggest that you make a donation to Friends of the White Deer an organization dedicated to saving the Fallow and Axis deer population in Point Reyes California.

Or if you just want a big dead deer head you should check with your local homeless shelter or food pantry to see if they want the rest of it to feed the hungry.


kate5kiwis said...

*love* the Bad Bag thang...
and wtf?
eighty five BUCKS?
that's about a hundred and twenty (or something in NZ dollars. twelve blockes of cheese...)
mwah X

kate5kiwis said...

ahem X

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Woah. That is one Bad Bag. Remind me to knock back a strong cup of coffee before stopping in here the morning after BBTuesdays.

Can we put a red nose on that thing for the holidays?

Jason said...

ooooooooo that IS bad.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You crack me UP!

Karen MEG said...

I'm sorry, but $85 for something so ugly? Designer, yes, tasteful, I don't think so ;)