Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Bag Tuesday

Today we focus on the ultimate Bad Bag... the diaper bag. When I was having babies diaper bags were really ugly. So ugly that I refused to buy one and ended up carrying a mint green vinyl bag with bunnies on it that the hospital gave me as a baby gift after my first baby. After that I didn't have an official diaper bag. I had a permanent diaper box in the back of my van with all the important, non-perishable, baby items in it. I'm really too practical to be fun.

Nowadays there are better choices for your diaper bag needs but they are still bad bags simply because of what they are. After a few weeks even the nicest bags will have spots of milk and baby barf on the outside and the unmistakable odor of forgotten dirty diaper on the inside. However, new parents want to provide the best and apparently there are many designers willing to help them give junior's diapers an appropriate bag.

There is the basic model. They have improved a lot in nineteen years. $36 at Target.

There is the model designed just for Dad. $65 at Psychobabyonline.com.

After that we get a bit more extravagant with a woven seat belt bag. $204 at Seatbeltbags.com.

And, for the Banking Executive's progeny there is this little number.

$4650 at Neiman Marcus. It's made of Python hide so you can't buy it in California but I'm sure you could have it shipped to your summer home in the Hampton's, or the chalet in Vail...

Oh, by the way, the mortgage check is in the mail.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh my gosh. That Psychobaby pirate-y diaper bag makes me want to have a baby so I can carry it.

I don't even understand that Neiman Marcus bag. ;-) A diaper bag with a price tag that could bail out Wall Street?

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Oh, I do not miss these things SO much! My boys were 14 months apart, and my daughter was an active kindergartner with places to BE. Our diaper bag was well-traveled. Bad bags. Bad, bad bags ...

Psychobaby said...

Hey- Psycho Baby here! We love the Diaper Dudes (which are used by Diaper Ladies all the time as well!) because of their plentiful pockets and easy messenger style! Thanks for the inclusion of our "good bag!"

Ginaagain said...

Cheri, There are quite a few things at psychobaby that could make me want to have a baby again... Frightening.

Laura, Delaney was born when all three of the other kids were already in school, and baseball, and ballet... My whole car was a diaper bag by then. I had a complete changing table set up in the trunk.

Hey Psycho Baby, thanks for visiting. The diaper dude bag is so unique it just had to be included. BTW- I just updated the link so that it actually goes to your webpage rather than just the picture of the bag.

kate5kiwis said...

psycho baby.
all the way.
by the time i got to baby #4 and #5 i had graduated to a huge backpack that i could keep all the other kiddos' gear in too lol.
love your bad bags!!!
mwah X

dkuroiwa said...

ooh...psychobaby is one cool bag place!! love the pirate-y theme!
i had a really nice one from Eddie Bauer...oh yeah, and a plain ole' back pack from Target...that one was probably the best!!