Friday, October 31, 2008

Chairs, Conferences and Costumes

This week has been so unbelievably busy and I'm hopelessly behind on everything so this is going to be a quick and dirty post. Try to ignore the typos because I'm likely to bite the first person who points them out. (just kidding.. with my luck I'd break a tooth)

One thing that we have discovered in the last month is that multiple broken bones render the majority of your furniture unusable. Poor Bob spent the first week of his recovery sleeping in his office chair, which wasn't comfortable but was much better than the bed. An orthopaedic wedge finally allowed him to move back to bed but he still wasn't comfortable. Two weeks ago we bought a recliner for the living room that really seems to be helping and on Monday of this week I bought him a new office chair that is ergonomically correct and will supposedly help keep pressure off of his broken neck.

It's a little strange but it seems to be helping. Next Tuesday he will be having surgery to stabilize his neck and he is insisting that he's not going to take more than a few days off of work so I think it's pretty important that he have a good chair to sit in while he's working.

Yesterday I had conferences for all three kids. I can't believe we are 1/4 of the way through the school year. Didn't they just start? I am so proud of my children. Their teachers had wonderful things to say about them. Of course, after a day of running from school to school, taking Bob to the hospital for pre-surgery testing, shopping for halloween stuff, working on costumes, cooking dinner, carving pumpkins, and generally running non-stop from 7am to 10pm, they wouldn't know that I'm proud of them. Actually I ended the day by screaming "I'm not doing another thing tonight!" when Taylor asked if I would paint her fingernails. Then I went to bed and dreamed about what a terrible mother I am.

Well, it's 9am and I really need to get busy again. Today we have one last conference. Actually it's a pre-conference with the drama teacher at Delaney's school. Taylor will be helping out during the spring production so we have to hammer out a schedule for her today. Then it's back to the costumes for final touches... I'll post pictures later... trick-or-treat prep, a block party that I'm not attending but have agreed to contribute food, and a couple of hours of doorbell ringing and hysterical dog barking. Oh how I love halloween.

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