Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Menu Plan Monday

Did you notice that I actually had time this weekend to decorate the blog for Halloween? My In-Laws arrived Wednesday and my MIL immediately took over almost all the "Mom" duties while my FIL took over dog duties so I could focus on being Bob's nurse and still get a little sleep (and computer time!) I have officially turned over kitchen duty for the time being so there will be no menu planned this week. Although tomorrow she is taking my FIL the airport so I will be cooking. We will have chicken and dumplings and corn chowder and dumplings. Beyond that I really don't know what the week will be like.

On Friday we went back to the doctor because Bob's shoulder was still very painful. Of all of his injuries this was the one that was bothering him the most but they had said it was just bruised. Well Friday we again asked the dr to look through his hospital records and tell us what the findings on the shoulder were. But there were no findings. They didn't xray it. So, back we went the the Radiologist and guess what he found? Yep, another broken bone. Bob's second left rib is broken and displaced. It's no wonder he's been in such pain. This coming Wednesday he finally has an appointment with an Orthopaedic Surgeon who will hopefully be a lot more helpful than the family practice folks. I can't believe how hard it is to just get an appointment with an Orthopaedist.

We have been so fortunate to have lots of help during this time. Wonderful neighbors who have been there to drop off and pick up our kids, family members who were willing to drop everything fly to our aid, friends who have brought food and offered to do anything we could think of, family and friends who aren't able to be here but continue to check on us, and online friends who listened and prayed for us. Thank you all!


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Well, first, the blog looks terrific. Thanks a lot for leaving me with no excuse as to why I haven't spent time revamping mine!

Re: Dumplings. I thought of your vegetarian/non-vegetarian family yesterday when I made an Autumn Harvest Cobbler -- sort of a vegetable stew with cornbread blobs (or dumplings) baked on top. I was thinking that the stew could easily have beef added to it for the non-vegetarians. It was good, anyway. :)

I hope Bob is on his way to healing. How nice that his mom can be there to help out.

The broken rib: It's a difficult thing when you think that you should be able to trust that the doctors will take over and make sure everything is okay, only to realize that your health (or your husband's) is in your own hands, and that sometimes you have to argue with the doctors who are supposed to be taking care of you. If something isn't right, you know it, even when they are assuring you that it's just fine.

Holding you and yours in the light. The golden, October light. :)

Ginaagain said...

Thanks Laura but in truth it only took me about ten minutes to redecorate. I just repeated what I did last year... so I erased my cute plug in design, changed one picture, three font colors, and viola, a halloween blog.

Your harvest cobbler sounds yummy. The corn chowder I'm making tonight is a premade soup (I can't remember the brand and I'm too lazy to go check) that I will add nice chunks of vegetables to. Hopefully the kids will like it, I haven't tried it before.

We could use some golden october light but we have rain all week.

dkuroiwa said...

I guess that if you need to find some positive in all this, finding the "new" broken bones now is a good thing...much better than 5 years down the line and Bob can't get off the sofa!
Take (loving) advantage of the MIL and FIL...that's the reason they come, to lucky you are to have them to do that.
And hey...if they are still in a "helpful" kind of mood later on, go on and send them this way...I got lots of things they could be helping me out with!! :-D
Love the new look....wasn't expecting it and it was a really nice surprise!!!
Here's to a quick recovery...and good dumplings and cobblers!! It all sounds just lovely!! If I ever need to recover from something, I'm putting your name down on my list of places I wanna go!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Okay, wow. The blog looks wonderful for Halloween.

I'm keeping you and Bob in my thoughts and prayers.

Bellezza said...

My goodness, I hope now that it's properly diagnosed his shoulder will begin to heal. I like your blog look, too!

Queenly Things said...

You are amazing just to put dinner on the table. Me? I'd have cheese and crackers. Take care, Gina. Sounds like maybe the doctors have finally gotten it right. Take care.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think nursing your husband lets you officially off the hook for cooking--unless of course it aids his recovery which your planned menu sounds as though it would do.

I've been feeling the bloggy love myself and it sure does help.