Monday, September 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

School starts Wednesday and I think we are just about ready. Bob will be out of town so this week will be mostly vegetarian and fairly easy. Tonight, however, we are celebrating the end of summer with a mexican fiesta.

Here's the list of goodies that were in our CSA share on Thursday.

1. 5# Asian pears
1# slicing tomatoes
1 pin Sungold cherry tomatoes
1# Roma beans
1. 5# red potatoes
1# summer squash
1 bunch carrots
2 green peppers
2 cucumbers
2 onions
1# tomatillos
2 jalapenos
1 bunch cilantro
1 bag basil

And this is what we'll be making with them!

Monday - Chile Verde, Tortillas, Beans, sauteed peppers and onions, salad

Tuesday - Potato soup, and Grilled Cheese. I'm debating about this recipe.. it's potato, pear and pecorino cheese. Sounds yummy but will the kids eat it?

Wednesday - Spaghetti with Sungold Tomatoes, french bread

Thursday - Omelets, Country potatoes, Pancakes

Friday - Make your own pizza

Saturday - Maybe a movie and dinner out.. or something easy

Sunday - Bob grills something

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Laura/CenterDownHome said...

I love reading these menus of yours for ideas and inspiration. The potato/pear soup sounds good to me!

Today I'm making chicken and basmati rice with a mushroom and peas cream sauce -- one of Mer's favorites. :)