Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Another Monday morning and I'm struggling to commit to a menu for the week. I'm torn between my need to use up all of the vegetables in my refrigerator and our unbelievably busy schedule this week. This is the first full week back to school and we have two band meetings (elementary and high school), two gymnastics lessons, tennis team every day, two (I think) tennis matches, and Pep band at the football game. Plus, knowing how last minute the high school planning is, I expect the kids to come home today with a notice that back to school night will be Thursday. It would be easiest to have fast food a couple of times this coming week but I simply can't do that to my kids. It's been so long since McDonalds was a regular supplier of meals to my family that everyone got sick the last time we ate there. In a weird way this is very good news.

Our CSA box this week looked like this:

3# Purple Majesty potatoes
1 pint Sungold cherry tomatoes
1# slicing tomatoes
1 eggplant
2# green beans
3 green peppers
1 bunch carrots
5 cucumbers
1 bunch cipollini onions
1 onion
1 bag basil
1. 5# Asian pears

Now I have to admit that my family really does not like the Purple Potatoes. They taste pretty much like regular potatoes but the color just freaks everyone out. So far the only thing they have liked were purple waffle fries. This week I'm going to try hiding them in a spicy stew and then hiding the stew in tortillas! My other admission is that I've never cooked eggplant and I'm a little afraid of it. So I'm going to be bad and start with a fairly high fat recipe that looks really tasty. My theory is that if I can get the kids hooked on something extra yummy with eggplant then they may be willing to try something a little more simplistic with eggplant the next time. We will see... So the menu, so far, looks like this. Wish me luck.

  • Monday - Asian Grilled Pork Chops, Spicy Tofu, Rice Noodles and Vegetable Stirfry

  • Tuesday - Eggplant Lasagna Tart, Italian Sausage, Pasta Marinara

  • Wednesday - Turkey or TVP Gyros, Pita Bread, Cucumber Tomato Salad

  • Thursday - Shredded Beef and Purple Potato Soup, Pink Beans, Tortillas, Shredded Cheddar and Salad

  • Friday - Leftovers or Sandwiches

  • Saturday - Make your own Pizza

  • Sunday - Roast Beef, Lentil Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

I hope everyone has a great week! For more menus check out


Karen MEG said...

Okay Gina, I NEED to do this from now on and it's totally freaking me out! Can I just bring my kids over for dinner? Or just me, it sounds delish!

The problem with them is that one is still in a mega picky stage, and it's hard to cook and make it worth my while when the hubs is away (which is a lot lately, what is UP with that?)

Hope you're having a great week, my friend...

B2 C2 2009 said...

Have you ever tried purple mashed potatoes? Same recipe as regular potatoes. The only thing is the leftovers turn blue in the fridge after a few days - truly freaky!

Michelle {Brown Eyed Baker} said...

I hope you enjoy the Eggplant Lasagna Tart!

Tiffany said...

Was the tart delish? It looks SOOOO good!

skatey katie said...

ummmm. where's - Bob grills something???
i like that one X