Monday, September 24, 2007

The Jonas Brothers!!!!!

(Insert maniacal, ear damaging, non-stop screaming here)
Yes... I am an overindulgent Disney Channel watching parent. So when my daughter begged for tickets to see The Jonas Brothers in concert I couldn't stand up and say "No! You don't need to waste your time falling in love with a pretty boy band!" I just couldn't... I had a weak moment... and a flash back to 7th grade (I was madly in love with Steve Walsh of Kansas) and before I knew what had happened Taylor was jumping around shouting "Thank you Mom!!" Of course, since that kind of excitement and the word "Mom" rarely occur at the same time, all the other kids came running to see what was going on. So on Sunday we all happily piled into the truck and headed to the Puyallup Fair and a date with Kevin, Joe, and Nick! Well, in truth, it wasn't a date and we weren't all happy. The girls were happy, the boy was very unhappy, even though he had been given the opportunity to avoid the concert and go straight to the fair, and the adults were a bit frightened. And frightened was exactly what we should have been! Within minutes of finding our seats the screaming began and it went on and on. Ah.. the power of pre-teen girls (and a few boys) in love! It was quite an afternoon. After the concert we did all the fair stuff.. looked at flowers, pigs, exotic farm animals, ate food that was very bad for us, and paid a small fortune for three kids to ride four rides. It was a great day but the best part was watching Zane spend time being the big brother. He is really growing into the role of eldest. It's both beautiful and heart-wrenching.

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Leeann said...


I was smiling reading your account of the concert. I bet the noise was deafening and not from the music. lol

While it is true Zane has fallen into the role of the oldest brother, he will have such an amazing life perspective from all this.

Silver lining, I guess.