Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day One

The first day of school at last! I swear the air in my house was just crackling with anxiety last night. My kids were like caged racoons with nothing better to do than pace and bite at each other! I finally got them all off to bed at ten and I was even in bed (although I was watching Alton Brown instead of sleeping...) by 11. However, at 11:36, just a few seconds after turning off the light, I got my first visitor. Taylor snuck in to whisper that she might want to run track but she doesn't know where the permission slip is, could I please get up and help her? After explaining that track is a spring sport and she has about five months to worry about it I sent her back to bed. Delaney, of course, followed her into my room and needed three more kisses and reassurance that all of her paperwork (which isn't actually due until Sept. 28) is ready to return to the teacher tomorrow. 12am.. I'm finally drifting off to sleep when Zane crashes out of his room and slams into the bathroom.. this was the first of several bathroom trips for the boy who was teasing his younger sister that she was going to throw up all night because she was nervous about starting jr. high. It was actually a relief when the alarm went off at 6am!

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