Friday, September 28, 2007

Reading the blogs of strangers

I love the little link at the top of my blog that says "next blog". Some days I can spend an hour swimming through the blogosphere looking for someone interesting and I am rarely disappointed in my quest (unfortunately I often find scary pictures of undressed people along the way but that's the subject for another post.) I have read the blogs of office workers in India, missionaries in Africa, college students, other moms, and countless individuals who post fascinating pictures yet remain a compelling mystery to me since I am limited by my ability to read only one language. It is amazing how many exciting people one can find. Or perhaps it's amazing that I find accounts of day to day life so interesting? Today I drifted into a delightful group of people who seem bound together by a common love of yarncraft but are very diverse in their interests and lifestyles. Before long I found myself feeling at home and yet terribly out of my element on the sites of these intelligent, focused, and creative individuals. I came away feeling like something is missing from my life. A passion. An obsession with something more than the tragicomedy of my day to day existence. I think I'll go buy some yarn.


Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Yarn will make your life wonderful! :)

Gina said...

It is definitely a seductive material.