Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Legos, Literature, Solicitation...

photo courtesy of Kaptain Kobold

Writing is like prostitution.
First you do it for love,
and then for a few close friends,
and then for money.


Laura said...

Ha! I love this and the William Styron quote.

Tell me the truth: Do you play with Legos when you should be writing?

Now I fear that I am a happy chucklehead. And -- not a writer, but a portrait artist -- a prostitute. (You'd be amazed how much people will pay for a portrait of Little Timmy or Sally.)

Leeann said...

Does that mean I have to have sex with you now?


Ginaagain said...

Laura, doesn't everyone play with legos when they are supposed to be doing other things?

Leeann, you are such a tease...