Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors

So... I had a dream the other night. In the dream I found myself at an ambiguous event, it might have been a wedding, conference or a reunion, I don't know exactly but I was dressed up so it was something semi-important. I was happily sitting at a large banquet table, chatting and having coffee with non-specific friends, when I noticed a group of men sitting at a nearby table.

They were playing rock, paper, scissors.

After a few seconds I realized that the men were all my ex-boyfriends and the winner of their game was going to get to go out with me again. The weird thing was that some of them weren't even really boyfriends, just guys I had spent time with in my wild youth. I was appalled to see them all, and embarrassed, and generally annoyed by the whole thing. Then it occurred to me that this was ridiculous because I am happily married to Bob... who wasn't at either table.

I woke up before the game was over and I'm happy I didn't find out who "got" me. Why in the world would I dream about men I haven't seen in over 25 years?


Mrs. G. said...

Isn't it freaky to comprehend how many unexplainable memories are lodged in the grooves of our brains? I wouldn't think about it too much...or mention it to Bob.

Ginaagain said...

Oh I already told Bob. He said "Why wasn't I there?" and I said "That's what I was wondering! Where were you anyway?" and he was appropriately apologetic for missing the party.

Leeann said...

ROFL over your comment above!
And that is indeed a strange did the guys look? Had they aged or were they just the same as when you had last seen them?

Leeann--> the insomniac who would be happy with ANY dream!

Ginaagain said...

Oh! I can't believe I forgot to mention this. They had aged!!! And since I mostly dated older guys they were all going on 50 and balding. It was not an attractive group of men fighting over me.

cupcake said...

I've had dreams in which I get into a huge argument with my husband, to the point that I wake up crying. I'll be mad at him the rest of the day, even though he actually didn't do anything. I told him once that my excuse is that he ruined a good night of sleep.

I am a DELIGHT of a wife, as you can tell.

dkuroiwa said...

That's a funny dream..but, really....."I was appalled to see them all, and embarrassed, and generally annoyed by the whole thing."....THIS is probably a really good thing...and even better that Bob wasn't there...then I'd be worried!! :-D

I love Rock, Paper, Scissors..."the Japanese way of solving any problem"!!!

We must get together and share "wild youth" stories!!!

Family Adventure said...

Well, I'm glad Bob apologized for not being there!

It's odd, though, how the mind can dredge up old memories like that.


Laura said...

I'm laughing here! Trying to picture a table of my old boyfriends, who would be aging probably balding, with paunches, fighting over me. Wait -- old me or young me? Hmmm.

When you figure out what this dream means, let me know!

nicrogers said...

Too funny Gina!

Taylor said...

LOL it's even funnier when you write it! :) I can just imagine that. Your face would turn red and you'd probably walk up to them and yell at them that you're married and can't go out with them and then you'd join in their rock paper scissors game. I'm just rambling. Pay no attention. Oh, and my shin hurts where I hit the gate, Mom. It kind of hurts to walk and to cross my legs like I am now. But I'm going to bed, so it doesn't matter. Night everyone.

Taylor said...

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Mom, AOL will only let me send one email at a time. So could you please change that for me, because that doesn't seem very fair. Now for the constitutional look on this:

You're taking away my rights of speech if I'm only allowed to send one email at a time! (not really...) Ok. Yeah. So please?

Karen MEG said...

Gina, what a hilarious post! I have weird dreams about exes too; but not usually with them having aged LOL! How cute is Bob apologizing for not being there... he is too sweet!