Sunday, March 2, 2008

Closet Archeology

I moved twice in the last eighteen months. The first move was from California to Washington. With only a few weeks to accomplish that move, most of our stuff went into storage and we moved into a rental house. Four months later we moved into our new house and I've been trying to recover ever since. Oh, all the basics were in place within a week or so but there is a whole lifetime of things that are still boxed, or partially boxed, stored all over the house. This week, in a futile effort to find a pair of textured brown tights (laugh if you want but they keep my legs warm and would go well with my sketchers mary jane's; yes I am 5) that I know I have, I cautiously opened a box in the master bedroom closet. The box was labeled "lingerie" so it was the logical place to start. In it, along with the 75 unmatched socks, slips, and panty girdles and other contents of my California underwear drawer, I found the following items:

  • A silk Versace scarf. I will never be able to justify what I spent for it in 1985.
  • Baby shoes - white, leather, with a little rubber baby foot molded into the sole. Unfortunately they haven't retained the lovely smell of baby toes.
  • The hat that went on Taylor's head the minute after she was born, and an almost identical one that Delaney wore. God they are so small.
  • The longline strapless bra that I wore with my wedding dress and the size 38GGG nursing bra I wore after Delaney was born. The difference in the cup size is astonishing.
  • A Sum 41 CD that I don't remember confiscating from one of the children... but I'm sure they haven't earned it back yet.
  • Letters to the tooth fairy.

My underwear drawer has always been the place to stash things that I just can't seem to part with... or stuff I'm hiding from the kids. That box was at time capsule waiting to be explored. I never did find the brown tights but I did find some buried treasure. What's in your underwear drawer?


nicrogers said...

Funny Gina! My underwear drawer has a lot of socks and a large variety of underwear ranging from tiny little thongs to big old pregnancy panties.(I really should clean that drawer out). I also tend to stick old notes from my kids and it is also where my wedding jewelry is stashed.

Laura said...

Okay, in my underwear drawer there is underwear and socks, The Kid's letter to Santa, my voter registration card??, and a video game that The Kid was rather irrationally frightened by last summer (I told him I threw it away).

Karen MEG said...

What a cute post... treasures in the underwear drawer trick!
I've got mostly underwear, a lot of bras that don't fit, never did fit. An old whiskey bottle bag that holds a lot of lace samples that my grandma was saving for I don't know what... so I'm still saving it because it was a part of her. An old drawer perfume sachet. That's about it. It's overfilled though, can barely keep it closed.

Mrs. G. said...

Not nearly enough underwear. I don't know what has happened to my laundry system.

Ginaagain said...

I think Mrs G has an aversion to underwear!

Swistle said...

I'm glad you asked, because I went to check and found a roll of quarters! Also, replacement shoelaces for shoes I no longer own; one of those pink-and-blue newborn hospital caps made out of a knotted slice of tube; and lacy vintage handkerchiefs too pretty to use.