Friday, June 13, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

Emily at Marx Foods has asked me to help her spread the word about their Salmon Recipe Contest.

If you have a great recipe they are hoping to hear from you. The deadline to enter is June 20th and the prize is 15lbs of wild salmon. I have two recipes for salmon. One I created for the (now defunct) Philadelphia paper "PhillyFeast". It features two quintessential Seattle products, Salmon and Beer. Yum! The other one is a very simple recipe for a whole salmon on the grill. This one is actually my favorite because it's so easy but I did not create the recipe.

I have an update for anyone who is interested in the outcome of the Naked Sun Dance. Yesterday was the deadline for the sun to shine and, lo and behold, it did! By the time the kids were home from school it was sunny and a fantastically warm 65 degrees. Heavenly!

My husband now believes I have magical powers and is urging me to use them for the good of humanity. My daughter is just relieved that I kept my clothes on. It's pretty cloudy this morning but the weather report says it will be sunny again this afternoon.

Earlier this week two of my children declared that they are now vegetarian. Neither of them are citing any specific reason for this recent dietary change other than pointing out that dogs are like small cows and it would be wrong to eat our dogs. Huh?

I'm ok with this though. Anything that reduces my cooking duties is fine by me. Bob (who is definitely not a vegetarian) is flying to Germany tomorrow morning and I'm planning meatless meals for next week. It should be interesting. If you have a good recipe I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Check back this afternoon for the winner of the rug contest!


Taylor said...

I accidentally saw a PETA video, and wanted to throw up. I Debated becoming a vegetarian for about 2 months, was going to tell you that week that I was going to become a vegetarian, then Zane came home and said the he was a vegetarian, so I decided that that was the perfect time. =] That's why.

Ginaagain said...

That makes a lot of sense Taylor. How are you feeling about what you are eating now?

Leeann said...

Here's one that all my family but Chris loves. This has been Kate's favorite since preschool. She requests it every year for her birthday.

Artichoke Pasta

two to three cans of artichoke hearts, packed in water.
olive oil
minced garlic
garlic salt
shredded parmesan cheese
one box angel hair pasta (or more for a hungry family)

Prepare water to boil pasta.

Meanwhile, drain and coarsely chop the artichoke hearts. Saute them, covered on low heat, in olive oil and butter (I use about 2 T butter and a few dashes of olive oil), 2tsp minced garlic (or 2 cloves) and garlic salt. Stir periodically.

Cook angel hair according to package directions. Drain, toss with butter and fresh parmesan cheese. Serve pasta with artichokes ladled over the top. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.


Nantucket Dreamer said...

We're having black bean and rice burritos with all the fixens tonight.

JCK said...

I don't have recipes, but BOY can I eat salmon. Does that count??

Too funny on your kids. But, then...less cooking a BIG plus!