Friday, November 14, 2008

Rock, Paper... trimmer?

Considering the current state of the economy, both personal and in general, and the fact that we are housebound for the foreseeable future, I am seriously considering making quite a few Christmas gifts this year. When we were young and poor and I had a lot more energy, I really enjoyed making presents for my family and friends but in the last few years it has been hard to do that. Instead of planning ahead I have ended up doing a mass order at Harry and David or Jackson Perkins. I don't think there's anything wrong with that but this year I'm just not going to be able to do it.

So, I've been looking at websites and perusing magazines looking for gifts that meet the dual requirement of being easy enough for me to make and don't look like a fifth grade art project. Not the easiest thing to find considering my considerable lack of skill. I've got a few ideas but I won't be writing about them because that would kind of make wrapping the gifts rather pointless. (To my friends and family... Please know I love you even if I do send you silly presents.)

Anyway, while questing about this morning I found something that I just have to comment on. I know that scrapbooking is very popular and that some people spend lots of time and money creating truly amazing pages to display their photos on. However, since my wedding photos are still in a ziploc bag, in a box, in my garage, (yes I know it's not good for them!) with the millions of other photos that were taken before I got my first digital camera, I don't think I caught the scrapping bug. I'm holding out hope that one of my daughters will decide to organize everything for me when I'm too old to bar the door to the garage anymore. Oh.. back to the thing I wanted to comment on... So, I'm looking at paper trimmers because I like sharp things even if I don't do any scrapbooking and I saw this.

It's a paper trimmer with an ipod docking station and built in speakers. Now I ask you.. why do we need this product? I have a paper trimmer and I love it. It cost me ten dollars because I used a 50% off coupon to buy it. This one costs $99! Obviously there must be a market for this because a quick check of YouTube gave me several videos demonstrating it's functionality.. and none of them were produced by Fiskars. So, Dear Readers, enlighten me. Is this a fantastic new direction in paper cutting technology? Or is it a gadget designed to attract the gift giving impaired husband?


Mrs. G. said...

This is perhaps the strangest combo gift ever. I vote lame husband gift.

JCK said...

I'm with Mrs. G. The item is mind boggling.

Good for you on the making of gifts!!

Karen MEG said...

That's just ridiculous! Couldn't you just wear your ipod and listen while you're cutting? D'oh?!!! Too logical I guess.

Good luck with making your presents ... to be honest, I think those are among the most precious of gifts, seriously.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Okay. I commented here before, but my server dumped me off before I could post. :/

Is it the consumer in me who looks at this and thinks, "Pretty."

And, then reasons: "Yeah, well, if I wore my ipod, I might cut the wire to the earphones, of course. What an ingenious cutter!"

Take my credit cards, please.

Ginaagain said...

Oh Laura! If I was honest I would have started my post with the confession that it took me thirty minutes of admiring it before I started to question myself. I'm a sucker for paisley.. and sharp things.. but I don't have an ipod so the functionality is lost on me. However, if they made a regular trimmer with the same aesthetics I would be lusting after it... even though I don't have the slightest need for it.

CraftyRia said...

Oh, yeah! I want one of those! Too bad I don't have any stores near me with that deal.

I could just cry.