Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taking the easy way out...

I have been planning on writing a post-Christmas update but every time I sit down to type it out I fall asleep. Is it carbon monoxide from the constantly running heater? Post holiday narcolepsy? Too much rum? Nah.. just Gina being a lazy ass. Anyway, I'm going to take the easy way out and simply answer a few questions and comments and call it a post.

Jason at The Jason Show asks: So what happened? Did you ever make your way out to finish shopping? Was Christmas saved?

We were essentially snowed in for about six days although I did escape between storms to do some shopping. On Dec. 23rd we thought the storm was over and the kids and I unburied the truck (there was at least a foot of snow topped with a half inch of ice on it) and headed out to Target. It was a harrowing experience. The roads were partially clear but the parking lots were treacherous. We managed to buy presents and the Christmas roast. The liquor store, however, was virtually impossible to approach. In Washington you can't buy hard liquor in the grocery store, you have to go to the state run store. At a ratio of approx. 1 store to 30,000 citizens you can imagine what the lines looked like. I was forced to ration my rum... Christmas Eve brought us another storm and five more inches of snow but I had to go out to pick up my eldest.. thank heaven for four wheel drive.. and bring him home for Christmas. So, yes, Christmas was saved!

Vallen at Queenly Things offered her help: "Have a cozy holiday - and let me know. I can always ship in more rum - the USPS supposedly can get through any weather." Alas... this was the year we learned that the USPS does not deliver through any weather. Although they are better than the garbage service. The mail was missing for several days but the garbage truck missed two pick ups.. that's 15 days without garbage service! When that noisy truck finally came slipping and sliding down my street I was so excited.

And finally Debbie at ETC.,ETC.,ETC., asks:

*Did the rum last? Yes, but I was forced to drink an occasional Washington state approved Irish Cream "wine beverage" instead of the demon rum.
*How long did it snow? Ten days, then it started raining... and raining... now my back yard is a giant puddle with a few icebergs.
*Who was sent out to get more provisions? Since I am the only licensed driver in our house who is currently capable of operating a motor vehicle.. that would be me!
*Did you all survive? We did.
*Who was the winner of the games? I think we would have to declare Zane the big winner. On the night we played Monopoly a few of us begged him to just foreclose and end the misery.
*Did that oldest ever make it? This is our Christmas miracle story...

On the 23rd Ian got a phone call from the owner of a restaurant he had applied to. After many probing questions she asked if he could come in on the 26th for an interview. He agreed. Two hours later she called back and asked if he could come in on the 24th instead. A little bit later she called again and asked for his shirt size. The next morning he walked in and they handed him a shirt and asked if he could work until 3. (This restaurant is next door to a liquor store... so they were busy despite the terrible weather) So, Ian's best Christmas gift was a new job. I picked him up after work and he was happier than I have seen him in a while.

Christmas day was quiet and lazy for us. We were up early to unwrap presents and spent the afternoon watching children nap all over the living room. We've done almost nothing since then either. I've been slowly sliding into post holiday doldrums but that ends today. My Mom and Stepdad are arriving this evening so there are beds to change, floors to vacuum, laundry to hide, and cookies to bake. The holidays aren't over yet! (I really need to come up with a plan to escape the yawning black hole I keep seeing lurking at the end of this season though...)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What good news for your son. I'm glad Christmas was saved.

My nephew never made it out of Portland, Oregon. He had Christmas with his girlfriend's family--which is not the same thing at all.

ms-teacher said...

I'm also glad that Christmas was saved and that Ian got a job. There is still hope for Artist Girl.

Sorry about the rum situation. So far on break I've enjoyed my hot cocoa with Amaretto and an appletini. Hopefully you are all stocked up for New Years!

JCK said...

So glad your son got a job. The timing sounded like it was meant to be.

Hope you've been able to restock on rum and that your visit with your mom goes well.

Anonymous said...

I've been blog hopping and happened over here so I thought I'd say hi. I love your pic with the elf hat by the way. You were snowed in for 6 days? That's insane. But, I can stay home happily for 6 days in a row so I don't why I see it as insane. I'm the insane one.

Leeann said...

Merry Christmas and post-Christmas, Gina!
It sounds like it all ended up working out well and I am happy that Ian has a new job.

You may be glad for company coming in but after 14 straight days of company, I am glad for company going OUT!

nicrogers said...

Gina, I am glad to see that everything worked out in the end and he rum held out. Very important. Also, I am fearing post holiday depression setting in. It rears its ugly head every once in awhile. Between school and just feeling blah, I know I need to get my crap in gear. So I am going to definitely start an exercise program and I am going to work on cutting out most sugar and carbs and alcohol. We shall see how it goes.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


Ginaagain said...

Jenn, my parents drove from Modesto yesterday and only encountered snow in the mountains. Oh the difference a week can make... did your nephew give up on coming down there?

ms-teacher, there is always hope. Artist Girl will find her way. Thanks for reminding me to add Amaretto to the liquor store list!

JCK, I do think the timing was not coincidental. I don't know if Ian sees anything special about it... but then again he's cheated death several times and has remained unimpressed.

I haven't braved the liquor store yet but I should probably go today and beat the new year's eve lines.

Blueviolet, thanks for stopping by. Six days at home wouldn't normally bother me but right before Christmas was a bit much.

Leeann, 14 days is a very long time to have company. Enjoy the quiet.

Nic, I should follow your plan and see if it works. It's certainly better than my plan of just pretending I'm not depressed.

Karen MEG said...

That's an excellent Christmas present for Ian. You must be so glad for him.

The one thing about being snowed in is that you get to enjoy your family time. And it sounds like the family time continues, which is wonderful.

Rationing rum? That must have been tough :).

dkuroiwa said...

Hey Gina...thanks for answering my questions...:-D
I'm so glad that things with Ian seem to be working out...may it continue. I'm happy for you and your family that the holiday turned out so good!! (even if you did have to think about rationing the rum!)
And just for the record...I hate Monopoly. I'm impressed with anyone who can play that game to completion!! :-D
15 days without trash service?!?! Oh My God! On Monday, it will be a week due to the New year Holiday and the bags are about to push us out of the house!! (the recycle-trash is already piled up outside next to the house!!)

I wish the best for you and your family this year...may 2009 (the year of the cow!) be a safe, healthy and happy one for you and your family!!