Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy, busy!

Oops.. I forgot to post yesterday and almost forgot again today because I've been parked at the table for days now. My dogs are traumatized, my computer is feeling neglected but I've just got so much to do. I have four days left to finish making jewelry for my first bazaar. Today I finished three necklaces and twenty pair of earrings and my fingers are starting to feel like arthritic claws. The bazaar is Saturday and it's pretty small but I'm worried that my booth is going to look bare so I'm doing my best to make a ton of stuff.. then I'll worry that no one will buy it and I'll be stuck with a couple hundred earrings!


Julie Bou├ęsso said...

Good luck w/the bazaar & don't forget pix later! Cheers, Julie

Karen MEG said...

Oh I'd love to see the pieces that you've made Gina. I would love to be that creative... good luck with churning them out!

Jason, as himself said...

Be sure to post pictures! Sorry I haven't been by know, busy...but I haven't been busy making jewelry.