Monday, November 2, 2009


When I was eleven I realized why I was such a lousy kickball player. Not because I was lacking sufficient foot/eye coordination, or because I hated running. (So why in the world would I want to actually kick the ball?) No, the real reason I was always the last person picked for the kickball (other than the fact that my nickname was "wart woman") was because I couldn't see well. My vision wasn't so bad that I truly couldn't see but I was amazed to find out that my friends could identify who was standing in the outfield. Glasses solved my vision problem but I never really got attached to being able to see clearly... or to playing kickball. Year after year my glasses sat in a drawer getting more and more unfashionable. Eventually I just decided I never really needed them. That worked until recently... now my pleasantly fuzzy world is finally getting on my nerves. So, after 33 years, I gave in and went to see the eye doctor again. The good news is that I'm no more near sighted than I was in fifth grade. The bad news is that I now need reading glasses. Oh Goody.. I'm progressive.. or at least my glasses are.

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Karen MEG said...

This 40s thing can be a drag sometimes...I think I'm going to need bi-gasp-focals ... what do they call them nowadays? ... soon. I can barely read the kids' medicine bottles without holding them about 2 feet away.. and this is while wearing my glasses for distance.

Glad to NaBloPoMo with ya, girlfriend!

Ginaagain said...

Nope.. they don't call them bifocals they call them progressive lenses. It just sounds so much younger. :-) I forgot to put that in my post!

It sounds like we have the same problem Karen. The distance is all fuzzy but I'm constantly backing up from fine print trying to bring it into focus. If this is 45 what is 55 going to be like? eeek.

ms-teacher said...

I needed to wear glasses in 7th grade. I absolutely hated them, so I would take them off as soon as I got to school. A year later, I go in for another eye exam and my eye sight was much worse than the year before. The optometrist asks me if I'm wearing my glasses all the time & I figure he could tell by how I said that I was, that he knew I was not being truthful.

He told me that if I didn't wear my glasses like I was supposed to that I would be legally blind by the time I was 16. I don't know if that was true or not, but it definitely scared me enough to start wearing them!

Now I as I've gotten older, my optometrist has told me to start expecting to have my near vision get a little better as I creep towards needing bifocals, or er, "progressive" lenses.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Progressive lenses? *like*

I got Lasik and was sooooo happy to not have glasses. Now? Have them again. Grrr.