Sunday, November 15, 2009

Miss, Miss, and Monday Menu

Well.. I missed posting Friday and Saturday because I was busy being busy. Friday I was setting up for the bazaar and Saturday I was there all day. Sales were a little slow but at I did earn what the booth cost me. However, it was a fund raiser for the high school band so the money is money I probably would have spent anyway. I definitely can't see myself becoming the type of person who spends every weekend at a different festival or show though. I'll keep making jewelry for friends and family but the show circuit will just have to go on without me.

After the bazaar we went straight to the football game which was logistically complicated because the band kids had to tear down and clean up the bazaar and get to the football stadium in less than two hours. Pep band is what really takes us to the games but this year the football has been great too. The team was undefeated until last night's state level playoff game. It was so hard for the kids to accept this loss. The first loss of the year ended their season. They were all bummed out... and the football team took it pretty hard too. It was a fun season though. The games were exciting but I had as much fun watching the kids in the stands. They really are a great group of teenagers. They give me hope for the future.

The last six weekends have been all about football games and making jewelry so it is fitting that both obsessions ended on the same day. Now we can focus on the holidays. Bob will be out of town most of this coming week so meals will be simple and mostly vegetarian. I plan to spend the week cleaning up the house and getting ready for Thanksgiving... and Christmas too because after our Thanksgiving house-guests leave we will only have two weeks until the kids are out of school for winter break!

Ok.. no hyperventilating.. let's just take it one week at a time... organization will get me through this... (I'll probably make this my mantra for the rest of the year.)

Monday - Pancakes and scrambled eggs

Tuesday - Baked Ziti with Tomatoes and Kale

Wednesday - Frijoles a la charra (Pinto Beans) and Quesedillas

Thursday - Teriyaki Tofu or Chicken, Rice, Gingered Carrots

Friday - Homemade Pizza

Saturday - Anniversary Dinner - I don't know what we are doing yet but I hope it's not staying home and eating fast food...

Sunday - Football munchies - Sub Sandwiches and Chips

Hopefully I will stay on track and get a lot accomplished next week and I will resume posting everyday!


Anonymous said...

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Jason, as himself said...

I'll be there to eat Tuesday through Friday. Unless you'd like me to join you at your anniversary dinner, then I'll be there Saturday.

Ginaagain said...

You are welcome to come to dinner Jason! It's a long commute though.