Friday, February 29, 2008

The end...

Well, February challengers, the end is finally here and we all survived. Plus we posted some pretty cool stuff. Thank you so much for going along with me. You made this cold, dark month much brighter.

Our last reward goes to the person with the most posts this month. Several of us had 29 posts, Debbie was second runner up with 31 posts, Taylor had 33. She also happens to be the only person in our group who posted every day in February. What you probably don't know is that she started blogging on February 1st... after following her mother around for hours and begging for a blog. Love of chocolate is a powerful thing.. but week after week went by and Taylor didn't win any chocolate and she still kept blogging. I think it just comes naturally to a girl who has been keeping a journal since she learned to write. The prize is a box of delicious Stephany's Truffles and a fun book of writing prompts. Taylor, I hope that you will continue to post to your blog. I really enjoy reading it.

I'm getting ready to mail out the last of our February treats... Candy bars for everyone who posted about where they grew up last week. February blogging bookmarks for everyone who participated in the challenge. And more candy bars... for anyone who didn't win anything, because I never feel good about leaving anyone out. I have addresses for almost everyone. Heidi and MS Teacher, if you want chocolate please email me at

Lastly, I want to thank you all. This has been a lot of fun for me.



nicrogers said...

Thanks Gina! Your great for getting this going. And as for Taylor, I am so impressed that she is blogging! That is awesome! She is a chip off the old block huh? lol

Karen MEG said...

Thanks again for hosting this blogging event Gina... well done. And I love that Taylor is blogging... she's doing a great job of it already. She's a cutie pie too!

Taylor said...

Yup, that's me! A cutie pie! lol.

thank you mommy, for letting me have a blog, and for picking out the chocolate (even though I gave like 4 to zane and at like 4. there's only five left lol) And I didn't follow you around for hours. I asked why I couldn't have a blog and you said "I never said that. I said you couldn't have a myspace." and then you made me a blog. Congrats to everyone who joined in on this! (The chocolate bars for the home post are REALLY yummy.) :))))))))))))))))))))) And don't worry Mom, I will keep writing on my blog. Maybe not every day though. :P :)

dkuroiwa said...

AGain...THanks so much for doing this Gina!! It was great to offer out a challenge like that, but to offer the that was sweet!! (literally!!)
I'm looking forward to the chocolates!! Maybe in return, something will make it's way to you (and Taylor!) from Japan!! :-D
It was lovely "meeting" everyone else...I have added everyone onto my "bookmark" list and will check in regularly!!
Blog On Sisters!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Nancy said...

Gina..the blogging challenge has been so much fun.I thought I had posted every day but looking back it looks like my timing was off some.I am on special picture posting days for Wednesdays and Fridays.I had learned to post my pictures late on the previous day.I just noticed that it showed up that I didn't blog a few days but that was because I had posted late the previous day.I had to laugh when it showed that I hadn't even posted yesterday but my post was there for Friday but dated Thursday.I am not saying this because I wanted to be recognized.I am saying this because the laugh was on me for posting my pictures early(the night before) for the picture days and the posts being dated the day before.I tried,lol.This has been so much fun and your genorosity to us has been an added bonus.Thanks Gina for hosting the challenge.Now I need to go and take the Challege logo off of my blog.How sad to see it go.

Ginaagain said...

Nancy, when you write a post ahead of time blogger will time stamp it with the time you first opened the post. You can change the time and date by clicking on the "post options" link at the bottom of your post.