Friday, August 1, 2008


While following me through the produce section yesterday, Zane found three types of coconuts, Young, White, and Easy-open, and was intrigued. Now I know absolutely nothing about coconuts but we do have a new semi-commitment to exploring new foods... and I've watched Alton Brown open a few. So I let him buy a coconut. He decided on the Easy-open because it had directions attached.

Zane was in charge of the coconut project and recruited Taylor to help. Delaney provided running commentary and constructive criticism. It turns out that easy-open is actually an oxymoron and it took more than a hammer to pry the sucker open. The kids started banging on it with my meat tenderizer but it only took a few minutes to see that wimpy kitchen tools just weren't up to the challenge. Out to the garage they went to raid Dad's tool box. In the end they used a hammer, an awl, a chisel and it took about thirty minutes to crack the thing. Then they had to extract the meat and peel it. Oh the horror! There were bits of coconut all over the kitchen.

Final verdict - Coconuts are cool but a lot of work and, after the work is done, no one wants to eat it! The shells however will probably provide years of Monty Pythonesque entertainment.

Does anyone have a good coconut recipe?


HappyChyck said...

I could picture that experience so well because that's pretty much how Experimenting with Coconuts went down at my house, too!

nicrogers said...

I sure hope none of you are ever on survivor! lol

Jason said...

My son and I had a very similar experience. He was so enthralled by this coconut but then wanted nothing to do with it once it was cracked open. Wasted coconut.

DotBlogger said...

I just received my coconut oil TODAY from this organic wholesale ordering thing. I love it.

It's sooooo good for you, I cook with it, use it as lotion...tons of uses.

And, open lid = done.

Ginaagain said...

Julie, I fell in love with coconut oil when I was a teenager working at Taco Bell. I have never used it for cooking at home but I've been reading some really positive articles about it being healthy lately.

Karen MEG said...

Funny, coconut from the shell is the only way I will eat it; but I NEVER buy it, honestly, I don't even know where I've had it!!!

Other than that I cannot stand coconut.

But I enjoyed reading about your coconut attack, though!!

dkuroiwa said...

When I was in high school and worked at the drive-in movie theater during the summer, I found out the "secret ingredient" to their most delicious popcorn...coconut oil!! From what I remember, it really made a difference in the taste!!

I seem to remember my brothers and I having the same "how the hell do you get this open?" experience when we were younger!!
Will wait for "and then they did THIS with the shells" kind of posts!!