Saturday, October 27, 2007

Corn Maze Mayhem...

Today we went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze and didn't bring a camera. Again! Poor Delaney... 2001 was the last year we took pictures of her at the corn maze. Wasn't she adorable? She still is, although I don't think she'd be caught dead in rainbow tights anymore.

We had a fun time today although we did get lost in the maze for a very long time. Zane and Taylor took a different route and found the way out very quickly but Bob and I are directionally challenged or something. We were lost! Delaney tried to take control and lead us out but we just hit one dead end after another. The sun started to go down and it was cold enough to see our breath. I was honestly starting to get worried that they would close the farm down and leave us stranded in the corn! Eventually we found the way out. Zane and Taylor had spent time finding the biggest pumpkins in the patch and dragging them back to barn. So we now have three gigantic pumpkins sitting in the kitchen. Tomorrow we will gut and carve them. Bwhahahahahaha!

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Leeann said...


I was hyperventilating just reading that post. The idea of being stuck in a cornmaze like that is the stuff of nightmares for me. I would literally have been sobbing in a fetal position on the ground! lol

We are carving today too. But man, will I be glad to get the kids to bed tonight. Two parties and a three hour baseball game this weekend, plus a complete basement cleanout, I am WhIpPeD!