Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok.. I admit it.. I might be a little crazy. On the surface I seem to be a rather quiet, conservative, 40ish, mother of four. My typical mom uniform is a brown/black/gray sweater and jeans. Why? Well, partly because I don't want to draw attention to the fact that, nine years after the last baby, I still look pregnant and partly because I have always been a little bit of a wallflower. I am not exactly shy but I am reserved and uncomfortable with being the center of attention. (And yet I am a complete attention junkie in print.. go figure.) So, why is it that, despite my general reluctance to wear any color, I fell in love with, bought and have actually worn, a bright orange paisley blouse?! I am at a loss to explain this strange behavior. All I can say is that when I wear it I feel vibrant, alive, and a little bit younger than my gray hair says I am.


Leeann said...

I think that is fantastic. Whatever makes you groove, sister! lol


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Now lets see a pic of you wearing your blouse!nic

Gina said...

umm.. no! A picture has the potential to ruin the whole thing for me. There's nothing worse than seeing a bad picture of something you feel good about wearing.

Karen MEG said...

Very funky pattern.
I also have a lot of brown, grey, black. But then, those colours are really in for fall, aren't they :). Too hip to be square, that's what I always say LOL!