Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Denial.. my favorite afternoon treat...

Today I was invited to visit my eldest son in his new apartment. It's a cozy two bedroom in a prime location, close to shopping and public transportation. As an added bonus there is free guest parking within walking distance of the back patio. He was happy to see me and to introduce me to his roommates. He seems to be settling in and is surrounded by friends.

Invited: Asked to come by and drop off grocery money.
Cozy: 850 square feet.
Shopping: The Shell Super Station.
Transportation: A bus stop.
Free guest parking: At the Super Shell.
Walking distance: Go around the gas station and through a hole in the fence.
Back patio: A mossy green slab of cement.
Introduce: An unintelligible grunting and pointing ritual.
Roommates: Six Pre-adults.
Settling in: Sleeping on the couch.
Friends: (Definition currently under revision)


Leeann said...

Holy Cow!! Seven of them in a two bedroom apartment? eeeep!

I wrote down the glossary notes; I'm sure I'll be needing them sooner or later!


Anonymous said...

lol! You crack me up Gina!

Karen MEG said...

That was truly hilarious! Sounds like luxurious accomodations :)