Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Knight Before Halloween

Despite all plans to the contrary I did manage to leave one costume until the last minute. I just finished it.. sort of. The breastplate and back are one piece of cardboard with a hole for his head to go through. I need to make a belt to attach them at the waist so it doesn't bounce around when he walks. I'm going to stop at the fabric store on the way home tomorrow and get some elastic for that. It looks pretty good on the kid. He's happy and it's really hard to make a 14yr old happy.. so I'm happy too.


Karen MEG said...

You are BRILLIANT! I'd be happy to wear that and I'm not even a 14 year old boy. Did you draw that? What a talent - I'm still in awe ;).

Hope everyone has fun tonight!

Gina said...

aww.. thanks! I did draw it but I didn't come up with the design. He has a shield with something similar and wanted the breastplate to match. I don't think it matches well but Zane isn't complaining. I made the helmet years ago when Ian did a production of the Green Knight so I just had to paint it silver.