Monday, February 18, 2008

Another week down..

Three weeks into the month and you are all doing so well! I'm really enjoying reading everyone's posts. The box of Hershey's goodies goes to Nancy at A Step at a Time. Congratulations Nancy! Please email your address to and I will send the box out right away.

This week I want to do something a little different. I would like to encourage you to share more about where you are from... where you are living now or, if that really doesn't excite you, then perhaps something about where you grew up. We are a diverse group from all over the world and I think this will be a fascinating assignment.

The prize this week is a few wonderful things from Batdorf & Bronson a coffee roasting company based here in Olympia, Washington. I'll be writing more about them later in the week after I tour their roasting facilities!

Now there are a few catches.. first, I don't think that a random drawing will be a good way to choose a winner for this one, and second, I don't want to "judge" your work. So, on Friday I will post a poll and I'm going to ask you all to read everyone's work and vote for a winner. In order to be in the poll you have to have your "Home" post done by Friday, ok? Does this make sense or am I making it too difficult?

I'm still thinking about the voting issue. I've never used a blogger poll so I want to give it a test... by giving you all a chance to decide whether or not we should vote for the best post this week. Could you please take a minute to vote so I can see if the poll feature is working. Thanks! gina


Leeann said...


I think your idea is a good one. For safety reasons, I don't have my current location anywhere on my blog, but I will gladly write about a place I have lived in the past!


Nancy said...

What a surprise to find that I have won the challenge prize this week.Thank you Gina for making this challenge fun for us.Some days are harder than others to think of something to write about so that has been a challenge in itself.

I like the idea about blogging about where we grew up.Gives me something to ponder.

dkuroiwa said...

I'm with Nancy in that this has been fun and though challenging it is a "good" kind of challenging. I'm always looking for something to blog!!
And writing about places we grew up or have lived...holy crap, this'll be interesting to see what comes out of my fingers!!! :-D
I'm looking forward to reading what everyone has to say!!

nicrogers said...

OK, I wrote my post, Now everyone go read it! lol