Thursday, February 14, 2008


I think my car doesn't love me anymore. Yesterday it started flashing a "low coolant light at me". So, I procured coolant and topped it off. Then I came out this morning, already running late for work, and my right front tire was low. So, I filled it. I drove for a mile and the "change engine oil" light came on.. even though it's not due for an oil change until March. A half an hour later the "check engine oil level" light started alternating with the "change engine oil" light. Flash, flash, flash... darn the darn lights!

It's just been that kind of week.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope everyone had a lovely, warning light free day.


Family Adventure said...

Ack! That sucks.


dkuroiwa said...

I'm feeling your pain in the car department...ours is, literally, on it's last "wheels"....we are giving her up on Monday, getting a loaner and hoping to the Heavens we can find something soon. (I'm so sad!!)
And I will trade your random lights flashing with my "what the heck is that" kind of smells that are coming out of the engine of favorite one smells like someone just blew out a candle. That is just wrong coming out of a car!!!

Leeann said...

Hey babe,

This has been a rough week for you. The weekend is coming. Try hard to get time to get re-centered.

Today I cancelled for going into Trey's classroom and I am going to do nothing but be sick all day. I need a day to just lie around and be sick, so I can get it back on track for the kids' two basketball games tomorrow.

Big hugs.


nicrogers said...

Gina, it sounds like your car is possessed. You may want to contact a priest.

Karen MEG said...

Oh, I hate those flashing lights too! My Maintenance required one comes on a quick flash everytime I start the car. I'm choosing to ignore it as it stresses me out so.

I hope you had a great V -day, and those flashing lights go away. Restful weekend, okay my friend?