Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ripped out by the roots...

Delaney told me one day that she can always tell when I'm angry. I know I'm pretty easy to read, but I played along and asked her how she can tell that I'm angry. She leaned closer, a serious look on her face, and said "It's easy Mom, because when you are upset your mad hairs poke out."

Mad hairs??? Holy crap! I knew exactly what she was talking about because every old woman in my family has this problem. Coarse little mustache hairs that stand straight out from tightly clenched, thin lips in times of stress. But I must point out that it's the OLD women that have this problem, the ones in faded black and white family photos, not young, vibrant, modern women such as myself. But after surveying my "angry" face in the magnifying mirror (these things should be illegal) I had to admit the kid was right.

Thankfully, modern women have ways of dealing with these problems.



Leeann said...

Now THAT story is definitely a keeper!


Family Adventure said...

Oh no...nothing like kids to tell you the truth, eh??


dkuroiwa said...

Too funny!!! :-D
Aren't kids great?! Don't you just love their honesty?! (read with just a tinge of sarcasm for full effect!!)
Do the stips hurt when you pull them off?!?! Here, you can buy special "lady razors" for those lovely hairs (mad and otherwise!). When I mentioned waxing to one of my classes...they were amazed..and wondering about the pain factor!!

Ginaagain said...

Yes, they hurt. I can not imagine how women use them on more sensitive areas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my ... "mad hairs"! LOL! Good thing you waxed 'em off or I'd be looking VERY closely across the table next time we meet at Starbuck's. ;-)

Nancy said...

Got to love the honest comments of your children.My girls never said that to me but I do have those hairs that I carefully take care of every morning.