Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Science Project Rules

  1. Never allow any experiment involving animals or spores!
  2. Remind your child to keep good records. Discourage any attempt to make up data... until the day before when your child suddenly remembers that a chart/table/graph is required.
  3. Plan how long you are able to spend helping your child with their science project. Add 72 hours to your estimate.


dkuroiwa said...

I could have helped you with that top experiment, the green one...I just threw out some this morning that looked justlike that!!!
Good luck to the whole family in completing the project!!!

Family Adventure said...

Good luck....interesting looking experiment there! Is that mouldy bread?


nicrogers said...

Ahhh! I just had a flashback to last year when both Mikey and Caitey had science fair!

Ginaagain said...

Yep, it's moldy bread. I don't think I'll buy white bread anymore. Delaney proved that it molds three times faster than wheat. ick ick ick ick! Thank goodness this is over and the bread is out of my house!

ms-teacher said...

I hate projects, both as a teacher grading them and as a parent, "helping" with them. good job to your daughter, though, for doing such a good job.

Nancy said...

Good luck with your daughter with her science project.Please let us know how she does.She looks happy in the picture.The presentation looks very nice.