Friday, February 15, 2008

I've fallen...

... and I can't get up!

This is what it's come to. My creativity has sunk so low that all I can think to do is quote crappy commericals from the 80's.
Hopefully someone is sending help immediately.


Leeann said...

It'll pass. February is just that kind of month, you know? Kind of blah weatherwise and lifewise. I haven't been saying much either on my blog. Spring will liven things up considerably.


nicrogers said...

Go spend the afternoon in a very busy mall. It will inspire all sorts of blogginess in you.

dkuroiwa said...

When you get help, let me know as I am suffering from the same malady!! I'm hoping something REALLY funny happens today or I'm in big trouble!!
And I just love that commercial!! I'll say that sometimes, being really funny, and people just...don't...get it...over here!! *sigh*
Here's wishing you a more creative Sunday!!!

Karen MEG said...

This too, shall pass. It ain't a fall, it's just a little slump.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!