Monday, February 25, 2008

February Challenge - Final week update

First of all, I want to thank everyone who wrote about their homes or where they grew up last week. I loved reading all of your stories. I think it's interesting that all of you wrote about where you grew up rather than about where you live now. Is that because you are worried about security issues or simply because childhood memories are just more fun to write about?

Leeann, your years in Milan sound like heaven. Thank you for the photos so that we could "see" your memories too!
Nicole, your post was every kids dream of a perfect summer! What wonderful memories you have.
Debbie, someday I would love to hear how a girl from small town Colorado moved to Nagasaki. Your description made me a little homesick for my own small towns (I lived in a few just like that).
Taylor, hopefully your memories of cow poop mountains will grow sweeter with time!
Nancy, Washington DC in the fifties and sixties must have been just fascinating. It's amazing that it was safe enough for you and your sister to go sightseeing on your own.

I've thought a lot about our prize for this week and I've decided that instead of one prize I'm giving everyone who wrote about their homes a treat from my area. So, Nicole and Debbie please email your addresses to (Leeann, Taylor, and Nancy, I know yours already)and I will send you a bar of Dilettante Chocolate. It's made in the beautiful city of Seattle, about sixty miles north of here, and it is delicious.

This is our last week of this challenge and you have all done so well. It's been wonderful to read all of your posts. Our final prize will be awarded to the person who has the most posts for the entire month but I am working on something I want to send to everyone who has participated in the challenge. So, Heidi, Debi, and MS Teacher, could you please email your addresses to

And lastly... I have a confession to make to all of you who have already won prizes. I just mailed them today! I'm sorry, I really did mean to get them in the mail sooner but I kept forgetting to put them in the car on my way to work, or running out of time, or just being really lazy. But, the US postal service does indeed now have possession of them. So, Leeann and Nancy, you can expect your packages to arrive in two to three days. Karen, yours will take six to ten days.

Have a good week ladies and keep writing!


Family Adventure said...

Hey, Gina...since I was away last week, I missed the hometown posts. I will go and check them out now :)

Thanks again for organizing this - it's been a lot of fun!


Leeann said...

Well, SCORE!!!
I am going to have a very happy chocolate week!
Thank you, Gina, you generous thing you!

Oh and yes, I didn't write about my current town because of security issues. Otherwise I would have. I like where I live!


Taylor said...

Yay! I get some chocolate!!!!!!!! Ok, well can I have mine for dessert tonight??? :) I'm upstairs. Or if it's easier for you I'll come there. Unless you haven't bought them yet. :) Ok, well I didn't write about were I live because you did. :) Plus, I wanted to share my fond memories of cow poo mountains. :)

Ginaagain said...

No girly, you can't have it tonight because you need to send me your address and I'll mail it to you. ;-) Ok.. so I really haven't bought it yet. It's on my list of things to do tomorrow.

Kami said...

Oh wow, that chocolate bar looks like heaven, I LOVE me some chocolate!

Thanks for stopping by, I agree, I am sure it's 99% nature. Maybe for some kids it's more nurture but not my two boys. They are still quite young though so who knows?

Have a great day!

Nancy said...

Gina..I have really enjoyed this challenge.As I already told you the package arrived today which is great timing from across the US.I will more than likely have a post for every day this month.Please do not think that you have to send me anything else.The package I received today of the chocolate bars,shirt and silicone bskeware is plenty generous.I really appreciate how much fun you have made this challenge for us.