Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Concert Night

Tonight was Taylor's first Jr. High School concert. It was terrific. I am constantly amazed at how fast kids go from the screeching and squealing of 5th grade band to actually playing beautiful music. This is the ninth year we have had a child in band and I'm so pleased with the music instruction in Washington. Taylor's Jr. High band is bigger than Ian's High school band in California was.

She doesn't look much like herself in this picture. She's so serious! She's the first trombone player.. the one staring right at the camera.. the only girl trombonist in the entire school and proud of it. She's also a fantastic musician but she just laughs when anyone says that. Her band teacher told me that she is the only student who has scored 100% on every playing test this year but she really doesn't believe she's that good. I love her humility.

I have a musical family. Bob plays the guitar and drums. Ian played the clarinet, alto clarinet, and bass clarinet. Zane played the coronet for a year but playing was triggering migraines and he decided he just wasn't that interested in continuing. Taylor, of course, plays the trombone and Delaney wants to play the saxophone but right now she plays the recorder and Dad's drums, when he lets her. My house can be a rather noisy place. I, however, don't play anything except the willing audience to their creativity. I don't sing either... in fact when my kids were babies lullabies made them cry! But I truly love music and I'm blessed to have married a man who could pass talent down on to our kids.


Family Adventure said...

"I don't sing either... in fact when my kids were babies lullabies made them cry"

I feel your pain (in between giggles). I am the same way. If there was one thing I would love to be able to do, it would be to sing.

You are so lucky your kids are musical. And how sweet that your daughter is so humble about it. :)


Mrs. G. said...

I love the idea of a house "noisy" with music. Your daughter sounds like a smart, talented little cookie who makes her mama proud.

Leeann said...

Gina, this makes me think of a song I used to sing for my kids:

"There was music
in my Mother's house,
there was music
all around.
There was music
in my Mother's house
and my heart still fills up
with the sound."

I love music and play it often in our house. I think it makes memories that will be triggered for them throughout their lives. I still hear John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, Simon and Garfunkel and Willie Nelson and think of my parents.