Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hey Mom!

I saw Ian today... kind of by accident. He called yesterday looking for rent money and after a few minutes on the phone I just knew I didn't want to see him. So today Bob took him a check and I snuck out to shop at our new gargantuan neighborhood hardware supply store. I was wandering through the appliances dreaming about a new dishwasher (with drawers!) when I heard "Hey Mom!" There was my kid... looking like I expected him to look... unkempt is the kindest description, walking toward me with another kid who was obviously high. He said he was there to fill out a job application, which should have made me very happy, but all I could think of was how unlikely it is that anyone would consider hiring him when he didn't even brush his hair and appeared to have slept in his clothing. Ah well.. at least I know he is alive and still living where he was two weeks ago.


Leeann said...


Like you said, at least you know he is alive and generally okay. And it is a good sign that he was at least out looking for a job although it sounds like he could have done more in the preparation department.

Either way, a big hug to you, as always.

And I am liking this blogging every day stuff because now I know I will have something new to read every time I come to your blog!

Karen MEG said...

That must be so difficult for you. But you're right, at least you know that he's alive and reasonably well.

Mrs. G. said...

My heart is breaking over here. This parenting gig is some serious shit. Hoping it gets better.

Ginaagain said...

Thank you all for caring. I think one of the hardest things about going through this is the need to be less than open with everyone. It helps to be able to write out what I'm feeling... and to have people that care and listen.

Mrs. G, believe it or not this is better. A year ago he was actively rather than passively trying to kill himself.

Ginaagain said...

Leeann, ditto! I like knowing that there will be something new to read on your's too.