Friday, November 23, 2007


What a lazy day we have had! I didn't get to sleep late this morning because the poor dog was desperate to get outside at 6am (she definitely had too many treats yesterday) but, despite the early wake up call, I managed to do very little today. After my inlaws left for the airport I even took a nap (I don't think I've done that since the last time I was pregnant!) Now I'm curled up on the couch with a nice fire going and the dog at my feet while Bob and the girls play blackjack in the dining room. It's heaven.

Karen MEG at A day in the life has tagged me for a Meme so here's Seven Weird/Random things about me...

1) I love shoes but I hate wearing them. I would love to have a closet full of stylish footwear but I'm a practical person.. so I have a small and eclectic collection of clogs that are easy to get my claustrophobic feet out of quickly.

2) I was thirty before I saw a live ice hockey game and it was love at first face-off.

3) By the time I started high school I had lived in eleven different houses and attended nine different schools.

4) I love laying tile and if I was younger would consider making a career of it.

5) I have had the same email address and screen name for thirteen years. I actually had aol for DOS back in the dark ages before Windows. My original screen name was simply Gina but I lost that during one of our moves and instead of accepting Gina and a random number as a substitute I decided to be gina-again.. and a legend was born! (hahahahahaa)

6) Science fiction is my favorite genre.. of literature and movies.. and it makes me very sad that the quality is so incredibly poor most of the time.

7) My son says I'm really a 14yr old Japanese girl masquerading as an old lady. I think he's just jealous of my MMORPG skills.


Mrs. G. said...

I love shoes too, Gina. And I have a special fondness for clogs. Now there's a post idea: favorite shoes. I have never laid tile, but I now know who to call if I need to. I have never seen a live hockey game.

See you tomorrow, kiddo.

nicrogers said...

So Gina, are you telling us you are a closet online gamer? Like, Everquest or something similar? I never would have guessed!

Ginaagain said...

Well.. let's just put it this way. Zane stopped playing a game because I was twenty five levels above him...

But since I started working I don't have time to play anymore.

Family Adventure said...

You can come lay tiles in my house any day! I need help desperately.

I love ice hockey, too. I could watch it any time!

Great meme.