Friday, November 9, 2007

One good thing..

...about this computer is that it has a direct link to the network storage black box thingy that houses all of our pictures. Plus it has a really cool program that randomly displays those pictures on the desktop. I wouldn't normally sit down and look at seven years worth of pictures but having them right here in front of me is really neat.

Leeann commented that she can really see how Zane has grown so I thought I'd share one more. It's amazing what two years will do to a boy.


Karen MEG said...

Wow, he has grown up! Nice shot!

Family Adventure said...

He is a good looking boy! I love his hair!


Ginaagain said...

Thanks Heidi. I love his hair too, which I guess is a funny thing for a mother to say. I have friends who think it's scandalous that I don't tell him to cut it. This picture was taken before the eighth grade graduation dance and in preparation for the dance he was required (by the girl but I really think it was her mother's influence) to cut six inches off.