Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have a little half bathroom downstairs that actually gets more use than the two upstairs. Unfortunately the builder decided to skimp in this one spot and only put in a little pedestal sink with no storage at all. So, one of the first projects that I want to do in this house is to put a new vanity in there. I'm trying to decide if I want to go with a craftsman style, like the first picture, that would go very well with the general style of the house. Or something more dramatic and try to turn the little bathroom into a showpiece (hahahahahaa). What do you think? If you were working with a very generic room, taupe walls, a white toilet, stone floor, which one of these vanities would you choose?


Family Adventure said...

Taste - it's such a personal thing. I prefer the second option.



nicrogers said...

I would definitely go with the first one. I say stick to the style of the house. ALso, I just think those bowls are really dumb. lol

Mrs. G. said...

I like the first one but I REALLY like the second one. So pretty.

Leeann said...

I could go either way. I like the bowl kind- I think it is really neat looking, but I don't think I would do black. I also like the crisp lines and warmth of the first option. Guess it depends on how dramatic you want to go! I think option two would need a pretty dramatic toilet etc to go with it.


Karen MEG said...

I tend to go for #2, but I like darks and metal. My house tends to be a little more contemporary though. It depends on how it blends with the rest of the house too.
either one is really quite nice.

Ginaagain said...

Thanks for your thoughts everyone! I still can't decide which one I like.

Leeann - The picture makes the second vanity look black but it's actually cherry so it would match the flooring in my front hallway. I think I would prefer a glass sink rather than the stainless.

Karen - My taste is a bit more contemporary and my house is kind of a modern craftsman.. it could easily be very traditional but my furniture is pushing the style more towards modern. Leather, smooth woods, brushed nickel lighting and very little carpet (I'm lobbying to remove it all from the downstairs.) So really either of the vanities will blend

Debi said...

I would pick the Craftsman style one. I know someone with one of those fancy stainless steel sinks (looks just like the one in the bottom photo) and she absolutely hates it. So based on her strong opinion after investing in one, I'd go with the other. Your mileage may vary. ;-)