Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carol of the Hells... I mean Bells

Just a quick little rant about Christmas Commercial season. I've never been a big fan of television commercials, possibly because I'm not a big fan of commercial television, but this season something has gone terribly wrong. Last night I suddenly became aware that every other television advertisement was using the exact same Christmas carol as background music.

"Carol of the Bells" or "Ukrainian Bell Carol" has been one of my favorite carols since I sang it in Jr. High choir a million years ago but I think this might be the Christmas that my love of it ends. Apparently this classic carol, which first premiered in 1916, makes discount stores, cell phones, jewelry, cars, and alcohol more appealing. I counted six commercials using the same music and airing with alarming frequency. The worst of these ads is a car commercial that shows a choir singing the song with the lyrics changed to simply "Duh" over and over and over. It's obnoxious... and sad.

A quick search of YouTube reveals that "Carol of the Bells" is a favorite for all manner of weird video. So it is with chagrin that I post this... the death knell of the bells.


Mrs. G. said...

Now why can't commercial TV be this good. I haven't seen anything this clever on the networks in, well, ever. Thanks for the fun.

Leeann said...


I love ya girl but that was just weird! lol